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21-12-08: Hattristics will not be updated anymore. All statistics remain available.


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Database Facts

Rounds: 233


Hattristics provides enhanced statistics about the online football manager game Hattrick. The database contains leagues games of Switzerland' leagues I to V starting at season 8 and is updated every weekend.

Hattristics is divided into two parts:

  • Detailed league, team and match information for Swiss leagues I to V
  • Statistics of general interest

Swiss Information

Hattristics provides detailed league, team, and match information for all Swiss leagues until level V.

  • Team performance with average ratings, stars, form, cards and more
  • League standings with team characterictics, e.g. NLA, II.1, II.2, II.3, II.4
  • Match Overview, game course with event types, ratings and player performance on one concise page

The best starting point is the search page, type in your teamID, then follow the links to delve into the beautiful world of information.

General Statistics

Based on over 100'000 matches, Hattristics provides the following statictics of general interest.

  • possession ball possession given midfield ranking
  • actions frequency of action types
  • chances regular chances for given possession
  • attacks goals versus missed chances given attack and defense ratings
  • tactics overview use of special tactics
  • tactics effectivity effectivity of special tactics
  • pressing effectiveness of the pressing tactic
  • creative virtue of creative play
  • cards frequency of yellow and red cards
  • quick goals and chances of quick players
  • unpredictable goals and chances of unpredictable players
  • heads goals and chances of head specialists
  • experience goals and chances of experienced players
  • weather weather related data
  • trends round by round analysis of match data


  • The statistics above are combined to a match predictor.
  • Find matches according to ratings and tactics.

Access to Hattristics is free. Please contact me per Hattrick email for comments and suggestions, my team is BernisBallBuben playing in Switzerland.

This application uses information from the online game service This use has been approved by the developers and copyright owners of, Extralives AB.


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